WELLS — Heaven Trapp, daughter of Curtis and Hattie Greifzu and Thomas and Melinda Trapp, was crowned the 2019 Homecoming Queen Saturday night at the school auditorium for raising the most amount of money for the 55th annual Wells Community Homecoming.

Trapp received a $1,000 scholarship and runner up Caitlin Herman, daughter of Bryan and Kim Herman, received a $500 scholarship. The graduating class of 1999 and 1969 also were recognized at the event.

Event proceeds will be used by the Wells Community Homecoming Association to better the community.

“We use the money to benefit the community,” said Ronda Glover, booth coordinator. “In past years, we bought break-away bases for the high school softball team. We’ve purchased flag poles for the softball field and baseball field for the high school because the students were interested in being able to do the anthem at the games.”

They have also invested in the city park, revamped restrooms at the park, donated to the 4-H/FFA projects and the city library and sponsored teacher appreciation day.

Glover thanked the queen contestants, volunteers, event organizers, parade participants and supporters who helped raise money for the community.

“It takes a lot of work to set up everything, and we appreciate everyone’s help,” Glover said.

Earlier that day, the community enjoyed a reception in the Wells High School building, along with vendors, food and a parade.

The crowd was awarded a reprieve from the stormy sky, when instead of cats and dogs, the sky rained candy for parade goers.

“Look! Look! I got bubble gum!” 4-year-old Farrah McKennon, of Wells, cried in excitement, as she scooped up a handful of treats from the roadside.

McKennon looked from side to side and then stuffed her goodies into her secret stash — her grandmother’s purse. “Grandma holds it for me if I share with her,” McKennon whispered and then ran off to hunt for more bubble gum.

Down the road cheered 5-year-old Joseph Cox. He said he liked seeing all the different fire trucks. Participating along with Wells Fire Department, were Wells Lodge No. 915, Sharon Shriver’s, Cherokee Country Sherriff’s Department and floats denoting Wells ISD’s class favorites.

Cox’s mother, Lisa, said she came with her family from Houston to enjoy the parade.

“I come every year because I’m from here, born and raised,” Lisa said. “The parade shows the family nature of Wells. We are a small community, but we are intertwined like a big family. I get to see former classmates and people I’ve grown up with. This tradition is so special to me.”

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