Hey Taylor: Is it worth taking out a loan for some home renovations? I don’t want to take on more debt, but I’ve been thinking I could go with a home equity loan and get the work done without paying too much interest. — Kylie

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DEAR JEFF: I made a will in 2010, which included my address in Tyler. Last year, I sold the home and moved to Lufkin. Do I need to redo the will to show my current address, or can I just write my new address on the back page, and have a witness sign it? Thanks, “Moving On Up”

Danielle Donellan is one of the newest agents of Gann Medford Real Estate Inc. She is a member of the Lufkin Association of Realtors, Texas Realtors and the National Association of Realtors.

Hey Taylor: Wondering if you can explain 529 plans to me. One of my New Year’s Resolutions is to put aside college savings for my kid but I’m getting a little confused about the best way to do it. — Scott

Hey Taylor: I’m looking to buy a house within the next two years and want to make sure I’m growing my money as fast as I can. I’ve currently got my funds in a savings account with a 1.4% APY, but is there another type of account that will get me better returns? I’m putting around $1,000 a mo…

DEAR JEFF: My wife’s stepmother, who raised my wife, recently died. I have reason to believe that my wife, daughter and son are heirs to her estate. The reason we think this is because her eldest daughter is in charge of the will and won’t let anyone read it or provide a copy to verify its c…

Scott McIlveene has joined Commercial Bank of Texas as senior vice president/chief credit officer, according to president and CEO Rusty Rust.

Beth Ann Seale was recognized as DETCOG Employee of the Year and Cynthia Trowbridge was honored as Program Director of the Year at the Deep East Texas Council of Governments’ annual Christmas Luncheon on Dec. 19.

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