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Corey Truss-Thorton, of Truss & Son Plumbing Inc., recently received her certification as a master plumber — following her father, Roy, and brother, Rory, in the family business.

DEAR JEFF: I filed for divorce from my husband. During the time we’ve been waiting to go to court, things have actually improved between us. We have a hearing scheduled to finish the divorce, but neither of us really wants it anymore. We would like to try to make things work.

Hi Taylor: My son just started high school, and I’m beginning to have some doubts about college. I’ve been saving and have a modest college fund for him, but I keep hearing a college education isn’t really worth the expense. What do you think? — Camila

Javier Rubio has been promoted to assistant vice president /mortgage and commercial loan officer at Commercial Bank of Texas, according to Rusty Rust, president and CEO.

Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas expects a large turnout for its Mega Job Fest from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday at the Pitser Garrison Convention Center.

DEAR JEFF: My question is about accidental death insurance. If someone is injured, and they are in critical care in a hospital for a prolonged amount of time, and end up passing away due to complications from the treatment of the injury rather than directly from the injury, does accidental d…

Hey Taylor: I’m looking into buying my first house and understand I can use IRA funds for the purchase without being penalized. How hard or easy is it to make this withdrawal? — Spencer

The Z&OO Railroad board of the Host Lions Club of Lufkin recently endowed a new scholarship in honor of the late Lion George Thannisch, M.D.

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