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Hey Taylor: I’m feeling extra motivated to get out of debt and think this year’s my year. I want to make sure I don’t get discouraged (I’ve got a long way to go), so I’m wondering if you have any tips that will help me through the process. — Monte

Leadership Lufkin Class No. 37 recently held a ribbon cutting at the Texas Forestry Museum to present the two projects the class has worked on over the last several months — a GaGa pit for the city of Lufkin at Brandon Park, and a nature playscape at the museum. The goal for these class proj…

Hey Taylor: I feel like my investments underperformed last year and I’m wondering if there are any changes I should make. Anything in particular I should move on or watch out for? — Dan

Hi Taylor: My husband wants to buy a house and get out of our rental. I want to do the same but have a lot more questions about how much it’s really going to cost. How do we figure out if we can afford to buy a house? — Carol

DEAR JEFF: I agreed to be the independent executor on a will for an elderly friend. He has no real estate, owns no cars, and lives in an apartment. He owns nothing other than personal possessions. He has a paid up life insurance policy worth $15,000, but probably owes doctors, hospitals and …

The Texas Forestry Association will host a tour to highlight the selection of Harold and Mary Jane Denson’s 341-acre tree farm, in Smith County as the 2019 Texas Outstanding Tree Farm of the Year from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. June 22.

Lufkin lawyer Wayne Haglund was invited to speak at the 2019 Martha McCarthy Education Law and Policy Institute at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana, on Friday.

Hey Taylor: Got a dilemma. I host a big Memorial Day barbecue every year, always a blast but it usually costs a pretty penny. This year, my wife and I are trying to get rid of all our credit card debt (plenty of which comes from this annual party, tbh). What can I do? I’ve gotta stop spendin…

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