Corey Truss-Thorton

Master plumber Corey Truss-Thorton stands outside of Truss & Son Plumbing last week.

Corey Truss-Thorton, of Truss & Son Plumbing Inc., recently received her certification as a master plumber — following her father, Roy, and brother, Rory, in the family business.

Roy and Jozy Truss first opened Truss & Son Plumbing in 1979. Now Rory Truss and Thorton run the business together 40 years later.

“If something were to happen to my dad and my brother, I could now keep the family business open,” Thorton said. “And that’s why I did it.”

To keep a plumbing business open, there has to be a master plumber on staff, she said.

Thorton had no desire to follow the family business and went to school for accounting, but 20 years ago her dad and brother reached out to her and asked if she would come work for them. At that point she was working for the Dairy Queen corporate office but it wasn’t a good fit, she said.

“I thought this would be more flexible with my kids,” she said.

She had helped her dad with his books while she was in school, and was willing to come back to the company.

“Then my dad started encouraging me to get the master’s license because eventually he’d want to retire and something might happen to Rory, he wanted me to keep the business open,” she said. “At first I didn’t think I could do it, so it took me a few years to get up the courage to start the process.”

The process to get a master’s certification requires specific steps. A person must obtain a journeyman’s license, which requires 6,000 hours of work, 48 hours of classes and that the person pass the journeyman’s exam, she said. They then must hold the journeyman’s license for four years before being able to take the master’s exam, she said.

So now, while she primarily still works on the business and numbers front, she is better able to understand what each situation may need, she said.

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