Budget Cut Salon

Owner Rebecca Hartsfield, right, with manager Amanda Aguilar in the recently opened Budget Cut Salon.

Budget Cut Salon, home of the $9.99 haircut, opened in mid-June because owner Rebecca Hartsfield thought the community needed a free or low-expense salon.

Hartsfield worked for salons in the county for years but saw many people who were unable to pay for the $15-$20 haircuts she was offering. So she decided to create a budget-friendly option that continually ran good deals, she said.

“We worked at a salon before where haircuts were $14-$15 and we came up with the $9.99 concept because we know everyone can’t afford $15-$20 haircuts,” Hartsfield said. “To give back to the community, this is what we decided to do: $9.99 haircuts all day everyday.”

She runs the salon with manager Amanda Aguilar. They’re in the process of hiring a few more beauticians so that they’ll be able to assist more people.

Aguilar said she had seen many families come through who could only afford to get some of their kids’ hair cut. This way, they figured they could help families or people with low incomes continue to look good.

They will provide $5.99 clipper-cuts on Mondays, starting in July. They’ll also offer free or reduced cost haircuts for people who come to them through the House of Compassion, a nonprofit in Lufkin that provides individuals and families with advocacy and services so they can meet their basic needs and “live in dignity.”

“We have cards they can bring back from over there to get free haircuts,” Hartsfield said. “We’re also gearing toward back to school and teaming up with other organizations to give back to those less fortunate families who can’t afford it.”

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