Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas expects a large turnout for its Mega Job Fest from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Thursday at the Pitser Garrison Convention Center.

A lot of the new or larger companies that have moved into the area with assistance from the Lufkin Economic Development Corporation are participating in the job fair, according to Mark Durand, executive director of the regional Workforce Solutions.

“It just shows a commitment to our community,’’ he said.

Fifty new and established businesses in Deep East Texas ranging from health care, manufacturing, technology and transportation will set up booths to entice potential new employees.

“Even with the tight job market and low unemployment there are still quality jobs in the twelve counties of Deep East Texas, and I think we have the skilled workforce to fill those high-demand jobs,” Durand said. “A lot of time it’s looking in the right place and getting those employers and job seekers in the same room.”

The growing manufacturing and health care market show promise for providing good, long-term jobs, Durand said. These are the kinds of jobs, with companies growing sustainably, that guarantee long-term job availability, he added.

“We’re excited with the employers coming and want to match the right seekers with them,” he said.

The fair will be set up to keep all the health care jobs together, the manufacturing jobs together and retail jobs together, Durand said.

Workforce Solutions will offer advice to job seekers at their office prior to the event, if needed. However, the agency recommends job seekers come prepared to interview, with several copies of their resumes and appropriately attired.

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