“Abominable” is the story of a teen loner, Yi, who discovers a baby Yeti on the roof of her building.

You know, we’ve all been there before. The Yeti escaped from a research lab and the scientists are relentlessly pursuing him. As they close in, she decides to help the creature return home to Mt. Everest. She accidentally ropes two of her friends into this madcap adventure, also.

As they travel from China to the Himalayas, they will learn to put their needs aside to take care of what truly matters ... their family. As the bad guys close in on them, can our team help this magical monster get home safely, or will they all become science experiments themselves?

Although the animation is a bit unconventional (some of the characters, like Yi, look a little like human sock monkeys), it is adorable and gorgeous. The abundance of colors and textures was a treat for the eyes, from start to finish. The film was very funny, appealing to children especially, with some slapstick jokes and bathroom humor. Although there is some peril involved, the humor is used to keep the situations from seeming too intense.

There are some plot twists that are rare for children’s movies. Although they weren’t terribly convincing, I do appreciate the effort to create a surprisingly complex and rich narrative.

The voice actors all did a great job.

Chloe Bennet was tough but vulnerable as Yi. Eddie Izzard was eccentric billionaire Mr. Burnish. Sarah Paulson was the perfect fit for his lead animal expert, Dr. Zara. Tenzing Norgay Trainor was convincing as vain socialite Jin. And Albert Tsai was adorable as energetic youngster, Peng.

The cast was a perfect fit for their roles, perfectly grasping their character’s personality. Although a lot of other actor’s probably could have pulled this off as well, top marks are in order for this entire group.

There is a little violence, but nothing very intense. The monster can appear big and mean at times, even though he is a big teddy bear. Tranquilizer darts are shot, people are swept off mountains, there are lots of falls and chase scenes. The only nudity is Everest, the giant monster.

But, let’s face it, have you ever tried to put make a Yeti wear clothes?

I know that’s not something I want to ever try to do again. There is no bad language, no drinking or drug use of any kind. This film is extremely family friendly.

I went into this movie with low expectations, but it was surprisingly deep and meaningful. There are lots of amazing lessons about the importance of family, selflessness and carrying on after a devastating loss. The characters are all adorable and funny. It is exciting and heartwarming the whole way through, reminding me a lot of ‘‘Big Hero 6’’ (which sure isn’t a bad thing).

The pickings are pretty slim at the box office right now, especially for kid’s movies. If you’re looking for a fun, sweet adventure to take your kids to, don’t overlook this one.

I gave it a monstrous 7/10.

Safe and enjoyable for kids of all ages. Your kids will love it.

Rating: PG for some action and mild rude humor

Run time: 97 short minutes

Wade Modisette is a local husband and father that seeks the best and most appropriate entertainment for his family. A movie connoisseur in his own mind, he seeks to educate his friends and community on quality choices for their family. Find more reviews and information at wadereviewsstuff.wordpress.com.