In Mexico, a teenage girl named Dani is going about her normal routine: work, family, cooking and cleaning. Suddenly, she finds herself in the crosshairs of a lethal killer. She is saved in the nick of time by a mysterious stranger with superhuman abilities. On the run from this Tasmanian Devil, they meet some new friends that have a long history with this sort of thing. Can the gang defeat the most deadly Terminator yet? Or will he succeed in his mission of wiping Dani out of the annals of history?

In this sixth ‘‘Terminator’’ film, ‘‘Deadpool’’ director Tim Miller asks the question, “What if we retold ‘Terminator 2’ for the 2019 crowd?” In other words, what if we unnecessarily wiped out the story that came before and made it 100% women?

While I am all about pretending movies 3 through 5 didn’t even happen, the lore of the first two masterpiece films should not be tampered with.

The CGI was incredible, for the most part. Fight scenes, stunts and effects looked amazing. There was very much a T2 vibe to most of the film, but that’s because it’s just the same story, reimagined. T2.1, if you will.

The new Terminator is harder to stop than ever, even though he’s essentially just another T-1,000. Since the same characters are fighting it as last time, I’m not sure why they didn’t look for the nearest foundry and just drop him in a fire pit again. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Some of our old favorites are back again. Arnold is back, just like he said he’d be. And, since he defined this role, you know what to expect. Linda Hamilton is as angry and tough as ever. If anything, she disappointingly took a back seat so they could set up the next 23 films.

Natalia Reyes is adorable as the naive savior of humanity, Dani. Mackenzie Davis is tough as nails as her futuristic bodyguard. Gabriel Luna put a forgettable face on the newest Terminator, and no one will even be able to remember his performance tomorrow. He didn’t elicit the dread and fear Robert Patrick commanded from us, back in 1991.

This film is extremely violent. There is lots of stabbing, shooting, explosions, car chases, even an underwater gunfight. People and robots are torn apart, some of it in a rather gory fashion. There is quite a bit of language, as well, using just about every word in the book.

As the time travelers always arrive naked, expect to see a couple of bare butts and some obscured naked people, but not much else in the way of sexy stuff. There is some drinking, but there’s not a lot of time for that sort of thing, so it’s not much of an issue.

The movie posters were right; this is definitely the best Terminator movie since T2. However, you can’t put it on the same level, by any means. The action was very cool and the fight scenes looked amazing. It just all felt so familiar, though.

They can (and should) follow countless rabbit trails of stories in this same universe, but you don’t have to undo what got you here in order to do it. Changing the names of things and hoping we will be amazed (Sky Net is a way cooler name than Legion) is just slapping lipstick on the same pig we’ve already seen. There was much more backstory that I wanted to hear about, which could have helped set this movie apart from its big brother that it’s based on, but it was already getting long and mundane, as it was.

It could be interesting to see where the girls go from here; hopefully they will keep their heads out of the clouds. Paying fan service can only go so far in these movies. Just ask J.J. Abrams about ‘‘The Force Awakens.’’

Taking into account the sense of deja vu throughout, I give it a 7/10.

This film is not for younger kids, but teens on up through adult fans will enjoy its nonstop action and nostalgic nods.

Rating: R for violence throughout, language and brief nudity.

Run time: 128 minutes that got a little long.

Wade Modisette is a local husband and father that seeks the best and most appropriate entertainment for his family. A movie connoisseur in his own mind, he seeks to educate his friends and community on quality choices for their family. Find more reviews and information at

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