Our Thanksgiving began when granddaughter Sarah Herde came into Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport on Friday night. We had to stop at Pappa’s Seafood for her to have Texas seafood. It was a 30-minute wait, but worth it. She ordered shrimp etouffee; she’s never had Cajun food. Since she was a first-time visitor, she had her choice of desserts and chose pecan pie.

We arrived in Lufkin about 11:30 p.m. Saturday. Sarah and I were up to go to Cavender’s Boot City for cowboy boots. That was at the top of her list of things to do. We saw Kathey Moore, Martha Doggett and Bobbie Loving while shopping.

Sarah had a hard time choosing between brown with colored stitching and black boots. She finally chose the black ones after FaceTiming with a Texas friend. We had to get jeans with bell bottoms and a sweater to go with the boots.

Sarah will be attending a semester in Australia in January, so we chose a summer shirt to wear with the boots and jeans. Walmart was on her list for tights, so we made a stop at Walmart and she did some shopping. By then it was lunch and we went to the Wienerschnitzel for corn dogs. When Ernest is gone, I eat junk and Sarah was helping me.

Saturday afternoon we went downtown Lufkin and saw Rudolph unlit by City Hall and stopped at Market to Market and in G.G. Tiemann’s Christmas store next door. The Hanger had the tassel earrings that Sarah wanted. We did watch the Texas A&M football game against Georgia.

Sunday, we went to church and lunch at Which Wich for the Rueben sandwich. Julie and Sarah had an appointment at Happy Nails. I had forgotten that I was to pick up my baseball boy’s pork butt at the Expo and got a text and went out there to get it. I told the boys that it was about time that we went back to state and Round Rock. They agreed.

Sunday night Julie, Sarah and I went to see ‘‘Frozen II.’’ Sarah and Julie cried and I did not know what was going on. They had to explain it to me after the movie. The music was good. Julie wants the soundtrack.

Monday, Sarah had a book to read and took a break to go to the grocery store. That night we went to Applebee’s.

Tuesday, Sarah helped cook for Nancy, who is allergic to gluten. Made a trip to Grizzly’s, Sweet Ethel Mae, and Pink Leopard for Sarah to take home some Texas things for her friends. Another stop at The White Peacock to see Rebecca and Mary Jane West, and let Sarah check out the olive oils and vinegars. Garrett Thomas, Emily Thornton and Emma Wilson were their helpers. We returned on Black Friday and Michael checked the merchandise and was impressed with her selections.

Tuesday, Michael, Nancy and George Herde came from Southlake, where Charles Schwab has an office, to Lufkin. We had to make a trip with them to Lufkin Barbecue. Isabelle Herde and Charlie Bieser came into Houston at midnight on Tuesday and Julie and Rocky were at the airport to meet them. They got to Lufkin about 3:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Then it was up on Wednesday and Ernest and group decided to get out of the upper part of Texas before it iced them. The girls met at Marteres Tea Room: Julie, Nancy, Isabelle, Sarah, Jenny Horton and Janice Ann for a “henning,” as Michael called us.

We saw Laverne Parsons meeting someone. The guys: Rocky, Michael, George and Charlie went to Ray’s Drive in for a “menning.” Isabelle and her Charlie brought Wisconsin cheese for cheese curds for our appetizer and we had Wisconsin Brandy drinks. Rocky fried the fish, french fries and hush puppies and we all ate our fill. We had 10 that night.

Thursday, was Thanksgiving and we had to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Julie and Nancy were in the parade in 1985 at Jeannie McFaddin’s invitation, and we all were there to see them as clowns. We started cooking and had our meal at 5:30 for: Herdes, Rowes, Charlie Bieser, Morrises, Mary Jane and Jim West and Rebecca West, Milton and Robbie Hickman. There were 15 that night. All helped clean up and we enjoyed visiting. Milton and Robbie had been to Port Aransas in their Airstream and came back to Lake Livingston KOA and here to the KOA.

Grandson George is a software engineer with Constant Contact in Waltham, Massachusetts. Isabelle is a research naturalist program coordinator at Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center for the University of Wisconsin and lives in Baraboo. Sarah is a junior at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, majoring in English and a double-minor in math and history. The one that was not here is Hannah, who is in Switzerland working for CERN. Michael works for Charles Schwab in San Francisco and Nancy will be returning to Hingham, Massachusetts, to get things ready at the house for Christmas.

On Black Friday, we made a trip to the Museum of East Texas to see the 165 Christmas trees decorated by the Museum Guild ladies. We made a Christmas picture. Friday was a big day and we celebrated a late 50th wedding anniversary with all of the children and grandchildren.

At the Temple Theater Angelina Arts program of ‘‘Georgia On My Mind: Celebrating the Music of Ray Charles,’’ Donna Mulholland and Claire Hodges sat in front of me. They had been on a cruise and were ready to take another one.

I saw on Facebook that Jon Carswell, son of Ray Carswell, had opened his own CPA office on Honea Egypt Road in “new” Magnolia. Phone is (871) 684-2979. Congratulations Jon.

Ladeen and Jim Pluss went to Dallas to celebrate Thanksgiving with Steven and Pam Pluss and grandchildren Molly and Henry.

We are all stuffed with Thanksgiving and glad to have extra hands to help take down Thanksgiving and put up Christmas. I am ready. Happy holidays to you in this wonderful Christmas season of giving and remembering Christ is the reason for the season.

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is roweja@suddenlink.net.

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