In the reboot of the forgettable Japanese horror movies from the ’90s, something bad happened in a house in Tokyo and whoever happened to unknowingly walk into it would forever be haunted by a murderous ghost.

When a businesswoman just so happens to receive this curse, she runs back home to her family, unwittingly making her house the new center of operations for this rotten little demon.

Fast forward several years and a new detective moves to town. She is quickly thrust into the ever-growing mystery surrounding this house and the terrible events that befall anyone who enters there. Can she figure out how to stop Casper the unfriendly ghost before the house claims more victims?

Trying to remember the original ‘‘Grudge’’ movies, I couldn’t help but wonder why they would revive this lame series. I barely remember the old ones; they left almost no impression. It’s just a house that kills anyone that goes in it.

You would think it wouldn’t take long for people to get the idea and for the city to tear it down. Finished. End of story.

But, they keep trying to milk this dead cow for all she’s worth. The visuals are slightly creepy, much better than what they had in the ’90s. The tension was adequate in this film; several moments definitely made your skin crawl, as the little girl from “The Ring” crawled out of her hole to terrorize this haunted house, for some reason.

Sadly, none of this was enough to keep you interested in the movie, though.

There were some people in this. Some of them were recognizable, but none of their performances will you remember the next day. No one’s career is going to skyrocket because of this film.

Andrea Riseborough was the lead; she was very vanilla in her role, although mildly convincing in her descent into madness as the ghost tormented her.

John Cho and his wife gave touching performances, but as soon as you became interested in their story, it was over. Lin Shaye was delightful as the house drove her past the brink of insanity, but again ... her story was underdeveloped.

The backstories of all the side characters were the best part of this film, but they were all left untold.

Obviously, this film is very violent. There is plenty of blood and gore, decomposed and gruesome bodies, stabbings, drownings and ghosts tormenting. Expect some creepy and troubling moments.

There is some bad language too — some of it severe. But you will probably be checked out by that point, so ... you won’t even notice. There is no sex or nudity, at least. There is some mild drinking, no drugs and lots of smoking.

This film was every horror film. There was nothing new or particularly interesting about it. As I exited the theater, I didn’t even remember (or care about) what I’d just watched. It was very cliched and run-of-the-mill. It was better than I remember the old ones being, mind you, but still just nothing special. Good for an hour-and-a-half nap. The coming attractions were the best part.

I give it a forgettable 4/10.

This is definitely not for kids, and only older teens and adults that are easily scared will enjoy it.

Rating: a definite R for disturbing violence and bloody images, terror and some language.

Run time: a very long 94 minutes, felt like it would never end.

Wade Modisette is a local husband and father that seeks the best and most appropriate entertainment for his family. A movie connoisseur in his own mind, he seeks to educate his friends and community on quality choices for their family. Find more reviews and information at

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