POLLOK — Pollok’s newest Tex-Mex stop has lived up to an already growing reputation while being open a mere two months.

I recently stopped by before lunch rush with a friend. We were greeted by friendly staff and an extensive menu. We tried the chips and queso and were pleasantly surprised.

The queso was very good with a taste similar to Casa Ole’s but with a thicker composition. Its sharp cheddar and heavy bell pepper flavor paired well with the salsa. Mi Casa Su Casa’s salsa was delicious. It had a more savory flavor than most, with a focus on the tomato and cilantro components. Yet, it has a wonderfully light finish. It was difficult to stop eating.

We chose the Loaded Nachos, Maria Special and beef milanesa for entrees.

The Loaded Nachos were great. Beef fajita bits and white and yellow cheese covered the tops of quality tortilla chips. The combo provided a fantastic flavor. The thick cheese pairs well with the dark, savory beef flavor. The portioning on the beef was great, but I really hoped for some more cheese. The addition of pico de gallo was a nice touch, although pico, cheese and steak alone hardly seem worthy of the “loaded” moniker.

The beef milanesa had a great flavor. The thinly cut steak and thin, crunchy breading paired excellently for a well-rounded, smooth flavor. The combo was a little dry, but that was easily fixed by dipping it in the thick queso. It also must be noted that the dish was served with rice, beans and an assortment of sliced avocado, cucumber and lettuce.

The Maria Special was probably the best dish of the night. It came with the traditional rice and beans and a single enchilada, taco and sope with your choice of meat. I chose beef for the enchilada, and I was not disappointed. The composition of the mixture wasn’t that great, but it was made up for by the flavor of the beef and the green gravy sauce. The taco was possibly the best taco I have ever had. The al pastor and tortilla had incredible flavor, and when paired with sour cream, rice and beans, it soared above its counterparts. The sope was absolutely amazing. The al pastor, cilantro, beans and crumbled mozzarella made for an even better flavor than the taco.

Overall, I highly recommend Mi Casa Su Casa. From the decor to the waitstaff to the fabulous food, this was a great experience. And zero demerits on its first health department inspection is a definite plus.

Mi Casa Su Casa is located at 142 Alvie Lane and is open from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. every day but Sunday when it’s open from 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, call 853-2633.

Olive Waldorf is a pseudonym for the food critic of The Lufkin Daily News. Her email is foodcritic@lufkindailynews.com.