The Shoemakers and Alsbrooks families had a reunion on July 21 at the Huntington Civic Center with 78 attending, including several from out of town or out of state. Tomé catered the food, which was enjoyed by all.

Johnny Shoemaker organized and sponsored the reunion. He is a 1964 graduate from Hudson High School and lives in Las Vegas. He has been a National Dog Show judge for 50 years going to shows in Australia, China, South Korea and others all over the USA. He has been a judge at the Westminster Dog Show.

Beth Gingerly came from Ohio and John Allen from Houston.

Laura Koch wrote: “Can you believe we’ve been open almost 10 years at Heritage Antiques? Our opening day was Sept. 14, 2009, and here we are still being supported by wonderful people like you. So, on this upcoming Sept. 14, we’re having a Birthday Bash. Red Tulip Rolling Bistro will be set up, there will be door prize opportunities and lots of cookies. I’d love to have especially any of you who are former dealers to come for a reunion of sorts. Oh, and they’re having a parade for us that morning. (Not really, it’s the Forest Festival parade, but I claim it.) Would love to see you.” We want to help them celebrate.

Lufkin Antique Mall will be open on Saturdays until 5 p.m. Leah Garcia’s booth is Elva Jean No. 87 if you are out looking for things. They are a new vendor in the upstairs with furniture.

Salt & Honey, owned by Deanna Vaughn at the Angelina County Farmers Market, is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Each day there is a different baker — Thursday was Julie’s Cakes with Sunshine Muffins. I think Friday is pies. They are open from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Saturday from 1-4 p.m. There are vintage/antique pieces plus food items.

The new Amazing Grace Antiques, formerly Burke Street Antiques, had a big grand opening on Aug. 14. Owner Carolyn Smith said that some 100 were there for the opening. Julie and I went later.

Who sent Oscar Dillahunty a picture from 1924 with no return address or note? Who sent Ernest a picture with no return address or note? We would like to thank you. Ernest did not recognize the people in the picture that he received.

I went with Pastor Jack Knox from our First Christian Church to take communion to Winnie Graham in Huntington. We had a good visit with Winnie, who has had some health problems and is getting tests done.

On our way home, I asked Jack if he had eaten at the Huntington Meat Market, aka Dean’s. He said he had heard of it, but not eaten there. So, we had to stop. We enjoyed our home-cooked meal and met Jerene and Jesse Walker.

I spilled my water and Jack was down on his knees wiping it up while I went to find a mop. Jesse had a smart comment that “the preacher was down cleaning up my mess” or something to that effect. I’ll get you, Jesse.

Jack said that his wife Stephanie would be upset that he had eaten there before she did. I told him that I was just helping him find it to bring her.

Jerene and Jesse are proud of grandson Walker Blake, son of Cné and Wade Blake. He graduated from Stephen F. Austin State University with a double major of kinesiology and English in May. He started work at Nacogdoches High teaching English and coaching football and baseball. He and his brother, Jackson Elliott “Jeb” Blake, are looking for a house. Jeb works for Zip Nac, a zipline in Aerial Park.

Julie and I made a stop at McAlister’s Deli last week. We will probably return and try some of their other items. We also went out to Arby’s when Ernest and Rocky had a meeting at the church.

Gay and John Ippolito had granddaughters Sara Fancher (8), daughter of Kristy and Scott Fancher, of Conroe, and Kate Juergen (7), daughter of Penny and Wes Juergen, of Kingwood, in town for a week attending Art Camp at the Museum of East Texas.

They did something different every afternoon. One day they went to Build a Buddy and to Kurth Memorial Library for the End of Summer Bash, a picnic in the park and Feast in the Forest. They enjoyed their week with their grandparents.

Gia Bao Than, the son of Julie Huynh and Tommy Than from Happy Nails, graduated from the University of Texas in Austin and is now working in Madison, Wisconsin, for Epic Systems Corp.

Julie and Rocky have Alvin Martinez’s Company named One Call Home Improvement. He is a general contractor. So far, they have not found anything they cannot do: roofing, concrete, fencing, home remodeling and additions.

Patricia Brittain Brown finally got the info on their Brittain July 4 Celebration that was on July 6 at the home of the late Otto and Zaidee Brittain at Hudson.

The Brittain boys, Keith, Kim and Jay, hosted the some 40 in attendance, with the oldest being Joe Ed Brittain at 98 and the youngest being 3 months old.

Special guests were: Anger Peavy and Robin and Sherry Schlaudt with Jessica and Garrett Jennings. Attendees came from Virginia, Amarillo, Fredericksburg, Edinburg, Austin, Waco, Garland and New Braunfels.

We have a new roof by The Roofing Company, Jennifer and Abb Grumbles. They had a tremendous crew that took care of us.

We left them on the roof on Friday at noon and went for our adventure on our 50th wedding anniversary. We went to the Lindale area of Houston to the places where Ernest lived in his early years. We saw Travis Elementary School where he started first grade. It was still standing.

The houses of his parents and two aunts were gone. His Aunt Mamie’s last house was on Milwaukee and we saw it. He reminisced about riding his bike to the movie on Main Street and playing in the bayou.

From there we went to Pappa’s Seafood and enjoyed our meal. We met granddaughter-in-law Aspen Rowe in her last week working there. Then, on our way home, we went out to the Naskila Gaming Alabama-Coushatta Casino. I lost my limit in 20 minutes. The parking lot was full on that Friday at 6 p.m. and there was a crowd inside. They have a glassed off area for the smokers and it is an alcohol-free casino.

We came home the “scenic” route through Hortense and Camden. Somehow, we missed Barnes. It was a fun day with my husband, who will talk to me in the car.

I have decided since we cannot control the railroad cars at the intersections, I am going to enjoy the artwork on the cars.

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