On my way into Brookshire Brothers last week, I met a group of young men and boys who were promoting Lufkin Junior Panthers.

Their mission statement is “Lufkin Junior Panthers desire to create leaders, on and off the field, by modeling integrity, promoting dedication and displaying an understanding that alone you can be great, but together you can be unstoppable.”

They believe that while our community is known for football, the foundation goes much deeper than that. While the game made them athletes, they contribute the leadership poured into them as what made them men.

“You won’t look at us and find a group of strictly exceptional athletes. You won’t look at us and find a group of fathers. What you will find is a group of men fulfilling a need we see in our community.”

The young men were coached by John Outlaw and they are carrying things that he taught them to the younger boys. To me, this is another legacy that Outlaw, who passed away in 2011, is still in the hearts of these players.

They will be representing East Texas through an elite football league, TexaSports. The Lufkin Junior Panthers are honored to be a part of this league because of their focus on academics, community involvement, mentorship, sportsmanship and above all, leadership. They have fundraisers planned to help make this possible including a 7-on-7 tournament, a communitywide car wash, lawn care service, raffles and bake sales. The car wash will be Aug. 24.

Roy Gardner is the president; Brittany Harris is the treasurer/secretary; Nikki Owens is the team mom. I hope that we can encourage these young men to help our young people see that the town is supportive for them to be future Lufkin Panthers.

We were in the doctor’s office and I saw someone who looked familiar but could not put a name to her. She came over and told me that she was Betty Stewart formerly Betty Alexander, and she had worked at Lufkin Industries for Pete Little and Joe Byrd. I remembered her way back then. Also, there were Betty and Ray Scott. We were all giving blood.

On July Fourth, David and Susanne Lively hosted a poolside dinner for Linda and Sparky Sparks, Paula and Joe Lee, Julie and Rocky Morris and Charlotte and Tino Villasana.

Jennifer Parham and her daughter Ashlyn Parham, and Denise Nicholson and her daughters Morgan and Mattie Nicholson flew out to Anaheim, California, on July 3. They were in the DisneyLand Park during the first earthquake (6.4) on July 4 and felt the ground moving below them and the light fixtures started to sway back and forth. All rides were temporarily shut down to inspect for any damage.

The next day, July 5, they were in Disney California Adventure during the second earthquake (7.1) and felt the exact same thing from the previous day. Again, rides were temporarily shut down for inspection.

They spent three days at Disneyland/California Adventure and ended up riding Soarin’ Over California with Kourtney Kardashian and her children along with some of their friends and two bodyguards, and took a tour of Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, Rodeo Drive, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Farmers Market and The Grove.

They rented an SUV for a scenic trip of the beautiful California beaches, including Huntington Beach, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach. The weather was absolutely gorgeous with high temperatures around 74 and lows in the 60s. They returned back to the hot humid temperatures of Texas on July 9.

Hicks Estate Sale had their crew working at the home of Bob Morgan. Nancy Hicks, Peggy Bowser, Ann Blanton, Julie McElroy, David Hodges and Brad were helpers with David.

I saw Van and Pam Hicks who were excited that their children and grandchildren had moved to San Antonio. Myra Graves is a neighbor to the Morgans. She is a retired LISD teacher and her husband Richard Graves is a retired project engineer.

Julie and I were looking and we always find things. Saw Kathleen Jumper, Judy Winger, Suzanne Russell, Joyce Stringer, Dr. Brian and Ginny Spore, Dorothy Hughey and many more that were shopping and keeping the front door open with things going out to their cars.

Learned that Brenda McKinney Roberts, LHS Class of 1975, passed away on July 6 in Tyler. Holly Perkins-Meyers found it on Facebook. I called Mildred Sparks and she said the family had called her on Sunday. Mrs. Sparks taught home economics, and Brenda’s mother Maurine Crouch McKinney taught art in junior high when I was there. Michael Franks was the one that posted it on Facebook.

Kenneth Jeffery was eating healthy and so was Ernest in Brookshire Brothers, but I was not, one day last week at lunch.

I got a phone call with the caller ID of “County Court at Law” saying that I could lower my interest rate to zero on my credit cards. I hung up and called the phone number and it really was the court house. They are spoofing phone numbers.

Another call with “Brookshire Brothers” said the same thing about my interest rate being zero. I hung up on them. Then this week I had the call from “Social Security” that my number had been compromised. I hung up on them. Beware — please do not give information to anyone over the telephone.

I have heard of several that have given information to a phone call from Southside Bank requesting information. They gave it and then found out that money had been taken from their bank account before they could stop and cancel the debit card. Please do not give information of any personal kind over the telephone.

Janice Ann Rowe’s email address is roweja@suddenlink.net.