The following is from “Gwen’s Pen” (she needs my job): A great 42 tournament was held at the Angelina County Senior Center on Nov. 2. There were 42 attendees.

The tournament was made possible through the generous donation of time, energy and generosity from the wonderful staff — Kellie and Krystal. Thank you to Mr. Mike Ivin from Ratcliff for his professional job in heading the tournament. It ran smoothly under his leadership. Because of the generous donations from many attendees, the tournament was a great success and a lot of fun.

And the winners are: First place, Don Seelbach and Randy Smith; Second place, Jackie Arnold and Roy Luce; and third place, William Mangrum and Joe Ulicnik. The Best Sportsmanship Award (AKA The Rear End Award) went to Susan Pittman and Nunley Russell. Congratulations to all these winners.

(Nell’s note: I think they are ready for another tournament.)

In looking through my pictures of the Halloween Health Fair, I’m going to try to give credit where credit is due to the many vendors that were here. If I don’t mention you, please forgive me: Abeldt’s, A Pineywoods, Audiological Services, Castle Pines, Harbor Hospice, Hospice in the Pines, PAM Specialty Hospital of Lufkin, CHI St. Luke’s Memorial-Lufkin, The Coalition, the Angelina County Senior Citizens Center, HOSA — High School, Parkwood in the Pines, The Center for Sight and Visiting Angels. It seems like I’m missing someone, but we all had a great time and thanks to all the vendors for their participation.

I missed out on the Shipley Do-Nut Social last week. I was suffering with a sore throat, but luckily I got in to see my doctor and got a shot and some medication. I sure hated to miss that treat; worse yet, I missed three days at my favorite job, The Senior Center. I’m hoping to make the next Shipley Social. And I thank all those who performed my duties while I was off.

Some of you have asked about the Pet Food Pantry Assistance Application. We have those and they are on the little table just inside the dining room. This is through the Salvation Animal Rescue’s Food Pantry. If you need assistance in providing food for your pet(s), please stop by and get an application form.

Renee’ Ricks stopped in for a few minutes today and told us the new DETCOG building is almost ready for occupancy. That means a lot of work setting up new offices, moving and traveling for a lot of workers from Jasper. Prayers for a smooth transition.

I’ve had a generous donation for bingo prizes from our regular “anonymous” donor. Thank you so much. And thank you to Gabe at The Medicine Shoppe for his monthly donation. You, too, make a difference.

One word about gospel music. We have been blessed with Alex John’s singing recently. He has a beautiful voice, even though our CD player messes up at times. And we always enjoy Royce Mangrum’s singing. If any of our readers sing or play the piano (or guitar) we would love to have you join us on Friday at 10 a.m. for gospel music. I promise you will receive a blessing.

I’ll be seeing you around.

Nell Addington is the site manager and activity director at the Angelina County Senior Citizens Center. She can be reached at

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