An 8-year-old Burke boy attacked by three pit bulldogs Wednesday afternoon is recovering in a Houston hospital, according to a family member.

Connor Grigg will possibly be released from Texas Children’s Hospital tomorrow after being treated for bites to his stomach, his aunt, Cindy Roy said.

“He is resting and doing OK so far,” Roy said. “A counselor came in to speak with him and his parents about the emotional trauma. He’ll carry that and the physical scars forever. My husband was attacked as a child and to this day that fear is still there.”

Roy said Connor was walking across the street from his home to 687 Stringer Road to play with the child whose parents own the dogs when the dogs ran up and attacked him. A family member of the dog owners used a shovel to beat the dogs off the boy while the owner’s child ran for help.

“My brother ran across the street and picked Connor up off the ground. He went to Memorial first and then on to Texas Children’s by ambulance,” Roy said. “I know people say these dogs are so gentle and so sweet but if you do your research, you can see why pit bulls get the media attention they do.”

According to, during the nine year period from 2005 to 2013, pit bull terriers and rottweilers accounted for 74 percent of the total recorded fatal dog attacks.

Angelina County Sheriff Greg Sanches said his animal control deputies seized the dogs for a mandatory 10-day quarantine after which the owner will decide whether to keep them.

“They can come get the dogs back as long as there are no problems, but they will be subject to the ‘dangerous dog’ ordinance,” Sanches said.

The ordinance includes the owner having to register the dogs as being dangerous with the county and state, obtain dangerous dog insurance of at least $100,000 and install the proper fencing for containment.

“Sometimes the owner decides they don’t want to spend all that money, but some people will recover them and pay,” he said.

Roy said she was told by her brother around 11 a.m. that the dogs would be put down.

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