I did not think I would live long enough to become anxious about the future of America.

I remember as I traveled in many foreign countries, I could always rest assured that my safety rested in a little blue book with a gold eagle — “my American passport.”

I remember as I sat in an airport watching soldiers goose stepping through the airport with some big guns, saying to myself as I looked across the corridor and saw the American plan that I was to board, “HOME,” I am on my way to America.

My honor, dedication and patriotism for America is not because I have experienced full equality, respect for my worth and equal opportunity. No, those aspirations are but a part of the “dream” for me and many who look like me in this democracy.

But here we are, cringing about the basic fundamental of this democracy, the value, sanctity and the belief of the fairness of the American vote.

When I think back on my people who died, were hung, were tortured, the heinous treatment they received just so they could vote and today the pure belief is just thrown away like a rage in a heap.

And, what for? Greed, self-centeredness, arrogance, all words that should not enter into our everyday lives — especially as we choose our leadership.

Two years ago, I asked the question — “What are we teaching our children?” Hopefully many of us as adults can determine what is right from wrong.

With that knowledge, however, only focused on me and mine, the rest of the world can do the best they can. Maybe we should look at removing the word “I” from the dictionary.

No, America has not always been fair to me and those who look like me, but in America we have the ability (if we vote) to work, to make it change and improve, unlike in countries where the dictator rules.

Maybe you and I do not believe in the same values, dreams and aspirations. But I would bet you believe in America. Rome was not destroyed from external forces but from internal strife, deceit and greed.

Guessippina Bonner is the Lufkin City Council Member for Ward 1. Her email address is Guessippina620@gmail.com.

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