Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week

Two weeks ago, Crime Stoppers released video of a truck being stolen from the parking lot of a church on Raguet Street in Lufkin. That truck was recovered days later but the thieves were unknown and they had gotten away with several thousand dollars in cash, credit cards, and hundreds of dollars worth of tools. Several anonymous tips identified possible suspects in the truck theft, and that part of the case is being investigated.

This week, Crime Stoppers has video of a woman who investigators say fraudulently used a credit card that was stolen with the truck. The video, posted at, was recorded at a Lufkin convenience store several hours after the truck was stolen. How she received the card and her connection to the truck thieves are two questions investigators need help answering.

The video shows the woman arriving at the store as a passenger in a white, four-door Chrysler, and, if you know her, you’ll have no problem recognizing her. You might be her friend and think turning her in would be unfriendly, but she’s going to be identified. Whether it’s you or another of her friends, someone is gong to attempt to claim a reward for helping solve the crime. The process truly is anonymous, so she won’t know who it was.

If you can identify the woman, submit a tip at or call Crime Stoppers at (936) 639-TIPS. Tips and calls directly to Crime Stoppers are anonymous and an anonymous, crime-solving tip might be eligible for a reward.

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