In the upcoming General Conference of the United Methodist Church (UMC) in May 2020, that church will probably be split (article in Washington Post, Jan. 3, 2020). This is because of many years of conflicts caused by liberals trying to force the church to change its conservative, traditional, biblically accepted standing on sex and marriage issues. Liberals want to change it so as to accept and allow same-sex marriage in the church, to allow LGBT people to be pastors in the church, etc.

That reminds me of my recent reading of a book (please read), “Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America” by David Horowitz. This book reviews much of our nation’s history of leftist liberals working against Christianity. It also parallels my own memory of the more than 50-year struggles in the UMC between conservatives trying to maintain traditional biblical guidelines within the church, while leftist liberal people inside and outside of the church were trying to tear down the church by using various methods. These methods included removing Christian influence from schools; falsely accusing conservatives of hate, bigotry, racism, etc; and pressing for decisions in federal government to weaken and limit free speech in the church and change the moral culture by force of government laws.

It was all about sex. The leftist liberals have been working to change the church’s accepted biblical standing on sex and marriage — that is, man-woman sex limited to one man committed with one woman in marriage, to raise and nurture a family; and that LGBT sex relationships were not compatible with Bible teaching.

What do the liberals want? They apparently want a loose-sex lifestyle to be officially recognized by the church and encoded into force of government law.

Is it not enough that they already know (as do we all, including Christians) that we are not perfect, but have freedom to do as we please while realizing that is within the context of restraint of living under the grace and mercy of God, trying to avoid sin and needing His forgiveness and help to deal with the consequences of our misdeeds? For example, as a man, forgiveness is needed for some of the forthcoming thoughts when I see or think of women.

But it seems the leftist-liberals want to arrogantly ignore and discredit the Christian view and to replace that with hard, unmerciful big-government laws, yielding to the very scary aspect of all of this controversy: to flush our freedom down the drain by throwing the Bible, God and Christianity to the wind, while hurting all people by trying to replace God and force things to be “perfect” by many laws under a tyrannical, socialist big government.

Charles Nick of Lufkin is a regular contributor to The Lufkin Daily News’ Opinion page.

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