Lufkin detectives have identified and made contact with a suspect in the “Blue Bell licking” case, the Lufkin Police Department announced.

A video that recently went viral shows a young woman in the Lufkin Walmart licking a container of Tin Roof Blue Bell ice cream and then putting it back in the freezer.

The young woman in the video was identified as a minor from San Antonio, meaning police cannot release her name or information. She is tied to Lufkin through her boyfriend’s family, LPD public relations specialist Jessica Pebsworth said.

“Because she is a juvenile offender, her identity is protected under section 58.104 of the Texas Family Code,” Pebsworth said. “The case will be turned over to the Texas Juvenile Justice Department.”

In a later release, Pebsworth said LPD spoke with the girl's boyfriend, an adult, and said both the girl and her boyfriend were forthcoming with what had occurred and admitted to the attack.

"What made this case difficult is that a 'catfish' with a similar screen name (within one letter of the suspect’s screen name) began taking credit for it," Pebsworth said.

The catfish Pebsworth reported on took to Instagram to lie about committing the act and brag about it, while saying she had the flu when it occurred. Additionally, Pebsworth reported there were four to six women with similar screen names and appearances that law enforcement had to eliminate, including the catfish, before getting to the actual suspect.

"We do not intend to pursue charges against her as an 'adult' and therefore what happens from here is at the discretion of the juvenile justice system," Pebsworth said. "I cannot speak for them as to what charge she will face in the juvenile justice system.

"As to whether her boyfriend will face charges, we are currently discussing his involvement with prosecutors."

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