Accident at Al Meyer Ford

A Chevrolet Avalanche that was tossed onto two vehicles in the Al Meyer Ford sales lot on Sunday.

Criminal charges are pending for two men involved in an accident that resulted in a vehicle being lodged on two cars at the Al Meyer Ford sales lot, according to Lufkin Police spokeswoman Jessica Pebsworth.

Randal Dtray Shepard, 36, of Lufkin, was driving a Chevrolet Avalanche when he rear ended a Honda Odyssey on North Medford Drive, Pebsworth said. Charles Edward Becks, 34, of Lufkin, was Shepard’s passenger, she said.

After rear-ending the minivan, Shepard veered into a grassy field, tailspun and hit a ditch on Harper Road. The impact of the Chevrolet hitting the ditch sent it flying into the two cars on the sales lot.

The men were not wearing seatbelts, so Becks was ejected into the windshield of a car and Shepard was found dazed in the back seat of the Chevrolet. Both men are being treated in out-of-town hospitals but are expected to recover.

Lufkin Police found what they believe is K2 in Shepard’s pants pockets, Pebsworth said.

There were two children in the minivan, a 2- and 4-year-old. No one in the minivan was injured; they were examined at the scene by Lufkin paramedics.

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