Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week

Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week

Crime Stoppers recently shared video of a string of burglaries and anonymous tips that helped the Lufkin Police Department identify the criminals and charge several people with Engaging in Organized Criminal Activity. With Target being featured in the videos, you might think thieves would steer clear of the store for a while. You’d be wrong. A thief thought Target was the perfect place for a crime mid-day on Jan. 29.

Ironically, since video will get him caught, the man stole Ring video doorbells. His tennis shoes, jeans and hoodie would let him blend into any crowd, but his fur Ushanka (trapper-style) hat is unusual and should make someone recognize him.

The thief loaded a shopping cart with several computer network routers, some unidentified merchandise and 12 Ring door bells. He casually walked the cart past an employee but broke into a sprint when he realized she was watching him. He found a fire exit door and ran across the parking lot, pushing the stolen property until picked up by a Buick Rendezvous.

The silver or gold Rendezvous had two Houston Texans stickers on the back and a paper (temporary) license plate. Between his Russian hat, the Buick and him looking at a camera, it shouldn’t be difficult for an anonymous tipster to help detectives close this case.

At, you can watch the video and anonymously submit information that could help solve the crime. Tips and calls directly to Crime Stoppers are anonymous and an anonymous, crime-solving tip might be eligible for a reward.

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