Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week

Investigators in Lufkin are looking for a forger who cashed several stolen checks, and Crime Stoppers has reward money available to encourage an anonymous tipster to help solve the cases and put the criminal in jail.

The victims of these forgeries are several East Texas businesses. In at least two of the crimes, checks mailed to a Lufkin-area business were stolen from a mailbox and cashed at Walmart in Lufkin. The forger cashed the stolen checks by changing the issued-to name. He presented valid-looking identification, but it appears that he used fake names and identification documents. From each forged check, the man pocketed several thousand dollars. Given the amount of money he stole, someone in his life noticed his newfound fortune.

Security cameras at Walmart captured video of the forger. Twice, he wore the same black pullover sweatshirt with “Just Do It” printed on its front. The image included here was pulled from the security videos. You can watch the video at While the videos will help prove the man committed the crimes, investigators first need to identify him, and that’s where you can help.

If you can identify the forger, or know others involved in his crimes, visit to submit a tip or download Crime Stoppers’ app, or call Crime Stoppers at (936) 639-TIPS.

A reward is available for the first, most accurate anonymous tip that identifies the forger. The entire process, from tip to reward, is handled without identifying the tipster.