Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week

Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week

For some, a perceived lower risk of crime is an appealing reason for rural living. Some rural areas have a lower crime rate than urban or metropolitan areas but none are crime-free.

Take, as an example, a recent home burglary in Tyler County.

The area, west of Woodville, is about as rural and secluded as you could want, but criminals still found and violated the home. The burglars could have cleared out the home, since they committed the crime while the homeowners were out of town, but they didn’t finish the job.

When the homeowners returned, they found signs of a tool being used to defeat a door lock and their belongings piled just inside the door, ready for the burglars to return. They had rummaged through the entire house as if shopping; electronics, cleaning products and clothes were among the items collected. They stole a game camera from the property but missed another, and that camera, and an anonymous tip to Crime Stoppers, will help investigators solve the crime.

On Nov. 27 and 29, the game camera captured images of a man and woman approaching and leaving the house, once on a motorcycle. The woman’s face is clearly seen, as is a distinctive tattoo on the man’s left arm and his Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo hat. Identifying them shouldn’t take long.

If you can identify the suspects, submit a tip, by using Crime Stoppers’ app (, or by calling 639-TIPS. Tips and calls directly to Crime Stoppers are anonymous and an anonymous, crime-solving tip might be eligible for a reward.

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