Wow. The month of April has been busy and that says a lot about our great city and the diversity of activities we have to keep us active and informed.

The Museum of East Texas opened a display in early April that featured art work and creations by “Young Scholars” in third, fourth and fifth grades from Anderson, Brandon, Brookhollow, Coston and Slack elementary schools.

These creations were not only beautiful, but also extremely talented and spoke volumes about the time spent working on the projects. Thank you to every art teacher in LISD for teaching and nurturing these young artists and bringing their gifts and talent to display at our museum.

The Salvation Army held its annual banquet this month. It was well attended, and the program was a message within itself. What touched my heart was the closing prayer by Bob Flournoy when he used the phrase “we live in a community that helps people we do not even know.” That prayer rang in my ears the rest of the day because it is something we experience each and every day and we just do not give it a second thought. We are so blessed as a community and we just share our resources. Thank you, Lufkin.

Thank you, T.L.L. Temple Foundation, for sharing the vision and message of Tom Luce to our community leaders this month.

Luce is an unselfish visionary from the Dallas area who recognizes the need for education in our great state. He recognizes that our state is growing and prospering in new industry and technology, and he wants the state’s education system to be prepared for all the new future techniques coming our way.

Luce is projecting all this new activity to be occurring as the workforce grows by 40% in the next 18 years. His public policy group is called Texas 2036. He is realistic enough to know that it takes time to get the attention and commitment of state leaders and now is the time to become aware and move forward with a plan. He is generous enough with his time to share with us in East Texas and that will give us a voice in the future of education in Texas.

Angelina College President Michael Simon and Lufkin ISD Superintendent Lynn Torres were in attendance. With their input and leadership, I have no doubt that we will have a voice in the future of education in Texas. Thank you, Wynn Rosser, Ellen Temple, Jay Shands and Tom Darmstadter with the Temple Foundation, for bringing Luce to our city to keep us informed.

The Angelina County Fair was a great success again this year, and we saw more than 1,000 young Angelina County youth display their animals, projects and talent for five days.

The fair ended in a sale the Saturday evening before Easter Sunday, and once again you — the great individuals and businesses of Angelina County — stepped forward and contributed more than $400,000 to these young individuals.

The Angelina County Fair renews my faith in the future of our city, county and state each year. We do have a bright future and it is always gratifying to watch these young individuals step forward and shine. Good job, Todd Kassaw, chairman, and the Angelina County Fair board.

The graduation of the first class of Christian Men’s Job Corp of Lufkin was held on Tuesday. This event marked the true beginning of a group of men who have turned their lives around and want to be better family leaders, skilled workers and volunteers in our community.

The program is led by C.D. Byndom Jr. and will, over time, result in changed lives of men willing to allow God to come into their heart and lead them in to beneficial careers and family leadership. Great job.

This past week, the Lufkin Host Lions Club has been busy presenting the Angelina County Benefit Rodeo and it, too, was a sight to behold. The behind-the-scenes work of the 200 Lions Club members does not go completely unnoticed.

Selling raffle tickets, popping popcorn, making cotton candy (thank you to the late Dr. George Thannisch, Mr. Cotton Candy), selling drinks in the stands, cooking hamburgers and hot dogs and selling programs takes a lot of time and energy. All the proceeds flow back into our community.

The State Supported Living Center is one benefactor, but several worthwhile agencies will benefit from all the hard work of our Noon Lions Club. Mike Mathis, you are my hero. Thanks for your energy and voice of the Angelina Benefit Rodeo.

Times are good and things are happening in Lufkin, Texas. Help someone this week and just do it because you care not to get credit. It will make both of you feel better.

Bob Brown is the mayor for the city of Lufkin. His email address is