Q: What is a speed hump? I read about it in (Wednesday’s) paper and don’t understand why we can’t just call it a speed bump?

A: I agree. I was slightly confused by this one in Tuesday’s meeting, too. A man came to the commissioners court meeting to talk about the number of people speeding through his neighborhood and to ask Pct. 1 Commissioner Greg Harrison to install speed humps in the subdivision.

I reached out to Rhonda Oaks, the Lufkin communications director for the Texas Department of Transportation, to get a better explanation.

She said a speed bump is a permanent part of the pavement meant to slow down vehicles, but are found on private property and placed at the owner’s discretion. A speed hump is wider, flatter, also permanent and placed on city-owned streets to also slow down vehicles, although they’re not as high.

She also said that TxDOT places in-lane rumble strips, which are used to alert drivers of upcoming traffic signals and intersections. These are like the center and shoulder line rumble strips used during construction. They also have work-zone rumble strips that are temporarily placed across lanes to warn drivers of upcoming work zones and to remind them to be more alert.

Q: How do I get added to the Angelina County Commissioners Court agenda?

A: You have two ways to go about this, Angelina County Judge Don Lymbery said. If you want to be added, your first step should be to contact your county commissioner and request to be added as an agenda item for whatever your purpose is. If the commissioner won’t fill your request, you can contact Lymbery and discuss being added with him, he said.

You can contact just about any county leader using the Angelina County website angelinacounty.net and using the three bars at the top right corner to find who you’re looking for by title.

To contact:

■ Pct. 1 Commissioner Greg Harrison, call his county barn at 634-5242 or email him at gharrison@angelinacounty.net.

■ Pct. 2 Commissioner Kermit Kennedy, call his county barn at 639-6363 or email him at kkennedy@angelinacounty.net.

■ Pct. 3 Commissioner Terry Pitts, call his county barn at 422-4334 or email him at tpitts@angelinacounty.net.

■ Pct. 4 Commissioner Bobby Cheshire, he only has the main office listed, which is 632-5531 or email him at bcheshire@angelinacounty.net.

■ Lymbery, you can call 634-5413 or email him at dlymbery@angelinacounty.net.

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