Q: I just picked up a new dog. I need to get him fixed but I don’t know where to go and I can’t afford the super expensive procedures. Do you have any recommendations?

A: Yes! So there are a few options in the county for low-cost spay and neuter programs. I absolutely recommend getting your dog neutered; it’s going to save you in the long run, for sure.

The Winnie Berry Humane Society can give discounts based on income, their website said. For households making less than $40,000, they have a grant from the T.L.L. Temple Foundation. You need to prove your income, prove your identity and bring a utility bill for your address and they have forms for you to fill out.

They say that for an annual income of:

■ $12,499 or less, your cost will be $35 for a cat or dog.

■ $12,500-$19,999, your cost will be $40 for a male cat, $45 for a female cat, and $45 for a dog.

■ $20,000-$29,999, your cost will be $45 for a male cat, $50 for a female cat, or $50 for a dog.

■ $30,000-$40,000, your cost will be $50 for male cats, $55 for female cats, and $55 for dogs.

The humane society also charge an additional fee of $10 if your pet does not have a current rabies vaccination.

The Salvation Animal Rescue has the SNIPS program, which gives out 10 vouchers a month that can be used for a $25 spay or neuter for cats or dogs. You have to have a valid ID and a utility bill.

Wendy’s Misfits Animal Rescue has a low-cost program, too, although I can’t get their website to pull up. Molly James, a local animal advocate, said you can contact them at 225-0773 or email spayneuter73@yahoo.com

Dehart Veterinary Services is a mobile vet unit that moves all around East Texas. They’ll be in Lufkin on Jan. 21 and charge $70 for female dogs and $60 for male dogs. They also charge $50 for female cats and $40 for male cats. You need an appointment, so contact them at (903) 590-7722 or (903) 312-6422. You can also email dehartveterinaryservices@yahoo.com.


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