Q: Are there plans for a Buc-ee’s store to be built on U.S. Highway 69 south near Zavalla in Angelina County upon completion of highway improvements?

A: I reached out to Buc-ee’s and was able to speak with a media representative. He made it very clear that they have no intention of moving in this direction at this time.

He said they don’t have anything in the works and doesn’t think they will for a while.

Now, obviously, that could always change, but I wouldn’t expect to see one in this area anytime soon.

Q: I saw in some of the national news articles you published that they mentioned something called 8chan? What is that?

A: 8chan was in the news recently because of its connection with the shooter in El Paso. He posted his racist ramblings on the site because it allows “extreme free speech,” according to a BBC column titled “What is 8chan?” posted on Aug. 5.

A link to the site won’t show up in a Google search, if anyone wants to look it up, but it is among the top 5,000 websites worldwide, the BBC said in the same article.

The website is basically an online, open forum where anyone can talk about anything without fear of repercussions. It has become a place for racism and hate, although the original creator does not seem to be thrilled with that, based on his comments made in several articles about the website.

Since the shootings last week, many — including the original creator — have called for a suspension or total shutdown of the website.

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