Q: If the county didn’t raise taxes, why will I pay more money in county taxes this year?

A: Angelina County recently released the proposed 2020 budget and proposed tax rate. The budget proposes a tax rate of 43 cents per $100 valuation, the same as was approved for the 2019 budget. However, that rate will bring in 8.96% more in revenue this year.

There are a few options the county could look at for the tax rate this year. In years past, former County Judge Wes Suiter would try to stay close to the effective tax rate, which means the county would continue to bring in the same amount of revenue and the tax rate would change in order to do so. This is why, in 2019, the tax rate was lowered to where it was.

It’s also why, for the 2020 budget, it seems to many people that the taxes have risen. The tax rate is exactly the same, but this year it is bringing in an additional $1.4 million. This is primarily affected by the growth in property value in the county. Another $334,683.18 is from new properties added to the tax roll in 2019.

As a note of clarification here, this is all just what’s proposed. The budget and tax rate have not been approved by the commissioners and there is at least one more meeting on the books, if not more.

This means the tax rate can still change even before it comes up for a final vote by commissioners.


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