Q. I have heard that there will be a Chick-fil-A opened on the west side of town, not affiliated with the one owned by Julie Walker. Is this true? If so how soon.

A. I can’t find anywhere in city building permits or assumed names where another member of the franchise is opening in the area. But I did find a building permit for their commercial repairs in 2018.

I also was directed to the spot online where they announce new locations being built or that are scheduled to open in the near future. They don’t have anything listed for Lufkin there either.

If you are curious about finding new locations, go to chick-fil-a.com, click on the little magnifying glass to search, but instead of typing in your query, just click on the “future restaurant opening” option.

It has information on the newest Chick-fil-A locations being built nationwide.

Q. What steps are the city taking to correct the spelling of Grace Dunne Richardson on signs and maps?

A. For those who don’t know, there are signs leading to Grace Dunne Richardson Park on Feagan that have Dunne spelled “Dunn.”

The city was originally unaware of the misspellings, Jason Arnold, assistant to the city manager, said. Because they are now aware of those issues they are working to resolve them and hope to have it done in the coming weeks, he said.

“I appreciate the citizen who brought it to our attention,” he said.

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