Q: What is the actual penalty for a minor licking ice cream and putting it back in the store?

A: So, to be clear, attorneys looking at this case really can’t comment on what exactly the Lufkin Blue Bell ice cream licker will face or any other aspects of the case. However, Mark Gorman, the Angelina County Juvenile Probation director, explained how the juvenile court system works so people might have a better idea of what will happen.

The first thing he made clear is that there are different levels of crimes, and while a juvenile may be tried on that level initially, social and legal factors may alter what they end up being punished with.

He said, for example, a level four sanction normally calls for a formal probation or intensive probation for a year to a year and a half. He said this is tough to declare because the punishment is determined on a case-by-case basis.

He said a kid could come in on a Class A misdemeanor charge but have other issues, such as substance abuse, behavioral problems or mental health issues, and the court may decide on a more stringent punishment. He said it can often depend on what kind of other social forces are at work against or for the kid.

So basically, it really does depend on a lot of factors as to what punishment the Lufkin licker will face. I also wonder if we will ever actually hear what happens to her because of the nature of her case.

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