After months of being closed, Glyn Weaver, the owner of Weaver’s Car Care in Lufkin, will reopen his business at a new location on Aug. 12.

Three months ago, many watched as the buildings on the northern corner of the South Chestnut Street and Denman Avenue intersection known as Two Point were torn down for a new gas station. Weaver fought to keep his original building for two years before eventually losing in court.

His new business stands just behind where the original one did on the corner at Chestnut and Denman. The white and blue building features a large sign with a car and blue letters saying “Weaver’s Car Care.”

“God is good and he brought me back,” Weaver said. “I’m not going to say I wasn’t treated fairly, and when one door closed, another one opened. And I just couldn’t give up.”

The business has detailed cars for many in Lufkin over the last 20 years, and Weaver said he hopes his old customers will find their way back to him once his shop is open again.

“I’ve just been quite blessed,” he said. “We wash cars by hand. We’ve been voted Best of Lufkin or a runner-up every year. Can’t nobody beat us cleaning cars.”

After 20 years running the business just to lose the building, he could have given up and retired, he said. Many people do that, but he didn’t want to give up; he was ready to keep going, he said.

Weaver grew up in Lufkin before moving to Los Angeles. It was there that he had the opportunity to open his first shop and begin servicing customers.

He has used his business to give young men in the community a chance to learn to work and to stay out of jail, he said. It’s important to make sure the young men stay out of jail so they can raise the next generation to stay out of jail too, he said.

“I just want to, hopefully, with this business here, show young men that whatever they do — if they wash cars, cut grass, whatever they do — don’t go to jail,” he said.

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