A Furniture Fetish Crash

A Furniture Fetish in downtown Lufkin was left damaged following a crash Thursday evening.

Lufkin Police arrested a man late Thursday following a crash that left A Furniture Fetish in downtown Lufkin with severe damages to a wall and window.

Lufkin Police Lt. David Young said the crash occurred about 11:10 p.m. Thursday at the store. The vehicle involved in the accident, a truck, did not remain at the scene, however an officer pulled the vehicle over a few blocks down the road, close to the police station.

Young said the driver of a vehicle at the time of the traffic stop, Vincent Hale, 36, and his passenger, a teen, said that Hale was attempting to teach the teen to drive when she jumped the curve in front of A Furniture Fetish and drove into the building. Afterwards, they switched seats, with Hale taking the wheel to apparently go to the police station and report the incident.

Hale was found to have warrants for his arrest, as well as a pill bottle. Authorities arrested him and he was booked to the Angelina County Jail early Friday before posting bond later in the day. The teen received a ticket for no driver’s license.

A Furniture Fetish owner Andrew Harbuck estimated the damages to his shop at about $500, mostly to the building with some minor damage to furniture in the area of the glass. The part of the wall and window where the vehicle crashed through the store will need to be replaced he said.

“It’s not really impacting us at all,” Harbuck said. “We just wanted to reassure since this is other people’s stuff we don’t want people worrying.”

Despite the damages, A Furniture Fetish will maintain its regular store hours. The broken window has been boarded up in the interim of repairs, which should take a week or two according to Harbuck.

“We’re trying to keep a positive attitude about the whole thing,” he said. “Customers can’t wait to get in to go shop, and we understand. We have a lot of good deals.”

Harbuck is taking the damages to the store in stride; he said a banner is being made for the store that offers customers to, “Crash on in for good deals.”

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