Students at Herty Primary School kicked off their yearly Big Kahuna fundraiser with a little help from internet sensation “Baby Shark.”

Big Kahuna sales rep Aaron Schatz donned a shark hat to lead the assembly. He taught the students how to shark clap when they were excited, and students like kindergartener Sean Nance enjoyed exhibiting their excitement during a video explaining the fundraiser.

“Wow! Oh, my gosh! There’s two sharks!” Sean said as the sharks on screen told the students about the prizes and items for sale.

Herty hosts a yearly fundraiser to pay for things like PE equipment, playground equipment and technology.

“It’s always interesting to see the kids work so hard,” assistant principal Tonya Turnage said. “It kind of surprises you sometimes to think that they really put forth an effort to do something good for their school.

“The kids know that they’re doing something good. Yeah, they’re getting a little shark, but they’re helping the school. That’s the best part about it.”

The students will have two weeks to sell cookie dough, popcorn, chocolate, kitchen supplies, tumblers and more. Schatz said Big Kahuna’s goal is to offer high quality products for parents and family members and to provide resources to make the process simple and easy for schools.

“Our theme is based off of ‘Baby Shark’ this year,” Shatz said. “Most of us in the company have little kids, and we just kind of try to go off of what pulls them and set our themes toward that.”

Schatz and other representatives from Big Kahuna travel around the country to help schools host their fundraisers. He said he enjoys getting to see different styles of education and to help educators get funds that they wouldn’t have otherwise.

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