Citizens feasted on home-cooked dishes of turkey, dressing, beans, rice, collard greens, cornbread and more during the Impact Outreach Ministries annual Give Thanks Community Fellowship and Love Thanksgiving Dinner at the Brandon Park Community Center Saturday afternoon.

Pastor Roy L. Scott of Impact Outreach Ministries, who has organized the dinner for the past 16 years, and members of the ministry got together Saturday morning to prepare around 300 to-go plates. The meals went to nursing homes and other people in the community who are shut indoors without the ability to leave.

“I wanted the opportunity to give back to the community — to give people a home-cooked meal and have them eat the same thing we would eat if they were at home with us on Thanksgiving. That’s why the requirement is that it has to be a home-cooked dish and it has to be something that you would feed your own family.”

In the past years, all of the food and help with putting plates together came from Scott and volunteers from his church. This year, Bountiful Blessings Ministries, The Wholeness Foundation, Overcomers Through Faith and the city of Lufkin joined in on the event.

In addition to feeding the community a hot meal, organizers of the dinner also invited the family- and friend-owned health insurance business named The “Real” Insurance Lady. Since it is open enrollment time, part-owner of the company Fred Blackman said they are trying to help community members sign up for health insurance for the next year.

“We want to reach out to those that no one is reaching out to,” Blackman said.

Impact Outreach Ministries chooses to host the Thanksgiving Dinner at the Brandon Park Community Center each year because of its easily accessible location.

“This is a central location in North Lufkin,” Scott said. “Growing up in this area, and knowing the need of people that are out on the street ... there are people walking around that may have slept outside last night, and people don’t realize that. We’ve got that right here in our community.”

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