Douglas McCoy

Douglas McCoy, 48, sits in an Angelina County courtroom Friday morning awaiting arraignment on a retaliation charge. Going before the judge, he notified the court of his name to "Pas Doctor Geronimo."

A man who claimed to have forgotten his "white man name" after being arrested for camping outside the Angelina County courthouse last month was back in court Friday under his new name of "Pas Doctor Geronimo," to enter a not guilty plea on an unrelated charge.

Douglas Paul McCoy, 48, appeared before state District Judge Paul White with a feather earring dangling from his left ear and "war paint" on his face to be arraigned on a retaliation charge from Aug. 30, 2011.

The charge stems from an incident in which he reportedly threatened Angelina County Sheriff's Office deputy Lt. Bryan Holley after being released from jail on charges of public intoxication and disorderly conduct. He was arrested the previous day after Holley and another deputy saw him leaning against a tree on FM 1475 and stopped to check on him in the 100-plus degree heat.

Upon seeing them, McCoy reportedly stripped off all his clothes and told them he was going to take their guns. They then had to square off against the naked man. Initially they considered using a Taser on him but because he was naked, did not. After being wrestled into custody, McCoy rode to jail in the back of Holley's squad car nude.

Upon his release the next morning, McCoy spotted Holley standing outside the neighboring sheriff's office. He then reportedly made a "beeline" for Holley, threatening to "beat" his "(expletive)" if he did not give back the two packs of federally banned synthetic marijuana known as K-2. Holley had seized the K-2 after McCoy's arrest the previous day and told him that because it is federally banned he would not be getting it back. He was then re-arrested by Holley on a charge of retaliation.

Although snickering was heard from a group of inmates sitting in the courtroom as McCoy's court appointed attorney Al Charanza announced the name change, one inmate bowed to him with silent applause as he took his seat.

White set a trial date of July 16 telling him he better show up to court "regardless of which name (he) operates under."

McCoy faces up to 10 years in prison on the third-degree felony charge.

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