Amy Reyna

Fourth-grade student Amy Reyna presents her project on Alaska to Diboll High School students in Spanish class Friday.

DIBOLL — Nine- and 10-year-old travel agents came to inform Diboll High School students in Spanish class about the different tourist attractions students could visit after graduation.

As young as they were, the 20 kids from Diboll High School Intermediate School were picked as the best travel agents on campus. Each had been working during Spanish language arts time every Monday to research a tourist attraction and create a brochure.

“They had to act as travel agents and present a place the students could visit after they graduate high school,” said Christina Montgomery, fourth-grade dual language teacher. “They had a budget and had to put together different hotels, restaurants and transportation information.”

She wanted the students to present their projects to high school students because “they respect and look up to the older students, therefore they will try harder.”

“I wanted them to present to a Spanish-speaking audience but not necessarily their peers,” she said. “I wanted them to see the bigger picture and to understand that Spanish is not just in intermediate school, it goes all the way through your high school, college career and beyond.”

Fourth-grade student Anthony Rodriguez researched Beijing, China.

“I learned about the Great Wall of China, different places you can eat and different hotels,” he said. “I had so much fun doing this project. It made me want to go and visit Beijing when I get older.”

Student Amy Reyna said she was nervous to present in front of the high school students. After she presented, she said with a smile, “It wasn’t that bad.” She picked Alaska as a tourist spot because of all the huskies there.

“They are my favorite type of dog,” she said. “I have a husky named Speedy, and I love him.”

The fourth-grade students have been working on their presentations since January.

“They did everything themselves and had to make sure everything was correct, down to the punctuation and spelling,” Montgomery said.

She said she has seen students start to grasp the bigger picture of the world.

“It’s so funny, because now when we are studying about the Olympics, they are like, ‘Wow, that’s my country,’ and they connect the dots,” she said.

Fourth-grader Leonardo Sanchez said he loved working with Montgomery.

“We study heritage and Cinco de Mayo dances, and I learn so much!” he said.

For his project, Leonardo chose to study Sydney, Australia, because he wanted to learn about kangaroos.

“Kangaroos are so awesome,” he said.

When he was asked if he wanted one for a pet, he said, “No way, because it will box me!”

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