Crazy About Mangonados

Mykayla Sudduth poses for a photo with her order at Crazy About Mangonados, a new restaurant featuring fruit puree desserts topped with candy and fresh fruit.

Since the day Crazy about Mangonadas opened, Lufkin has gone nuts over the new business, requiring the owners hire additional staff to cope.

“It has absolutely exploded,” owner Courtney Gould said. “We intended to start off with just myself and my family running the shop. We thought it would be a slow trickle of people coming in and it would take awhile for word to spread. But it exploded the first day we opened.”

She said that first day they sold to more than 250 customers, and some people loved the treat so much they came back several times a day, as well as over the next few days. To cope with the high enthusiasm, Gould is now hiring new staff — a process she says has also been relatively successful.

The business sells super sweet, frozen fruit puree mixed with other natural and candy-like ingredients to make a beautiful and tasty treat. So far, the No. 1 favorite among Lufkin customers is the Strawberry Shortcake, which is strawberry puree with cream, Gould said.

“We spend a lot of the day giving samples because it’s hard to explain what these are,” Gould said. “Most people don’t know what a mangonada is and it’s like nothing most have tried. … Most people say it’s super refreshing to eat because it really tastes like you’re eating cold, raw fruit. It has a really powerful and natural taste.”

Gould decided five weeks ago she wanted to open this shop in Lufkin. She is a Lufkin native, and when she tried mangonadas on a trip, she knew she needed to bring it to the region, Gould said.

“It’s a summer product, so we knew we needed to be open for summer — that’s crucial for the first year,” she said.

They were able to work well with the person they lease the building from and the city of Lufkin to get their business up and running so quickly. Gould said everyone she worked with from the city was prompt and were able to get her through the system.

Gould said in the future they hope to expand their products and maybe offer a juice bar as well, but for now they are enjoying the current success of the mangonadas.

Crazy about Mangonadas is in the Gaslight Plaza Shopping Center at 1865 W. Frank Ave.

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