Screenshot county website bus driver

A joke that was never meant to be public about hiring a bus driver to bus county employees to the annual employee appreciation luncheon was accidentally made public, and a screenshot made its way to Facebook on Tuesday.

A screenshot of a temporary job posting on the Angelina County website began floating around Facebook, and county officials say it was a joke.

The screenshot is an advertisement for a temporary bus driver to shuttle employees back and forth to the annual employee appreciation dinner in May.

The screenshot includes comments like “This position pays nothing, but you will be provided a burger of sorts and just the good feeling of helping out your fellow man” and requiring applicants to be “relatively drug free.”

“We were having a running feud, in fun, with another department,” IT Director Gary Jordan said. “I created that page and put it up with a different address just to show someone. As soon as I showed it to her, I took it down.”

The post wasn’t connected to any page on the county website, and a person couldn’t navigate to it by clicking anywhere on the website. However, if one Googled a certain combination of words, it would come up.

“I didn’t think anything of it until last night when I saw that screenshot,” he said. “I checked my phone, and I checked our website, and it was all correct. I thought, how is this even happening, it’s not possible — it’s not there.”

Google indexed that single page and put it in the search result because the page still existed even though there were no links to it, Jordan said. He deleted the page and submitted a request to Google to take the impression off its search engine.

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