NACOGDOCHES COUNTY — No one was injured in a shooting incident that occurred Tuesday afternoon at Hill’s Drive-Thru on U.S. Highway 59, according to a press release from Nacogdoches County Sheriff Jason Bridges.

Nacogdoches Sheriff’s Office deputies were dispatched to an altercation that was taking place at the business shortly after 5 p.m. Texas Department of Public Safety troopers were the first to arrive on scene and were able to quickly gain control of the situation, the release states.

“There is no doubt that if this situation would have gone on much longer that someone would have been shot,” Bridges stated in the release. “We could have very well been working a murder scene.”

The incident started in Nacogdoches, where a Hill’s Drive-Thru employee had taken a battery from a motorcycle, claiming the bike’s owner owed him money for it, Bridges stated. The man who owns the bike then went to Hill’s to speak with the employee about getting the battery back. Investigators retained video footage from the business that recorded the altercation that took place.

On video, a van can clearly be seen pulling up to Hill’s before a woman exits the vehicle. The store employee then exits Hill’s and meets with the woman outside. The two then go inside Hill’s for a short amount of time, according to the release.

The woman told authorities she asked for the motorcycle battery, but that the Hill’s employee said he would not be giving it back. The woman and the employee both exited the store and the woman walked back to the van. A man then exited the van and started walking toward the Hill’s employee, who was still in the parking lot. The employee removed a handgun from his person and pointed it in the direction of the man, according to the release.

The man, who was unarmed, continued to advance toward the employee, who shot the gun two times into the ground of the parking lot near the direction of the man and woman, the release states.

Two DPS vehicles traveling on Highway 59 were flagged down about the incident and the two troopers were able to quickly disarm the employee and stop the escalation of force that was occurring, the release states.

The investigation is ongoing and charges will likely be filed. The case will be sent to the district attorney’s office upon the conclusion of the investigation.

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