Tickets are still available for Saturday’s performance by Farewell Angelina at The Pines Theater.

The all-female country music band will take the stage at 7 p.m. Saturday as part of their Women and Wine tour.

“We are really looking forward to our tour through Texas,” Nicole Witt, a member of the band, said. “Lufkin is one of the spots in Texas we haven’t been to, but we are excited to be part of the community and to bring our music there.”

The high-energy band will be in town for one night only, Witt said. Even for those who already know that they love the band and their music, Spotify doesn’t do them justice, she said.

The four women — Witt, Andrea Young, Lisa Torres and Ashley Gearing — met in Nashville while pursuing their own musical careers, but they connected over the harmony in their voices. The band’s style is dedicated to Bob Dylan’s famous hit ‘’Farewell Angelina’’ — a haunting gypsy melody he wrote in the 1960s. Many know the song from Joan Baez’ 1965 recording, Witt said.

“Regardless of if we’re in the songwriting room, arranging it or in the studio we’re always trying to create ‘Farewell Angelina,’” Witt said.

“We all co-wrote this record together and it’s important for us to be in the room together and find commonality. With finding commonality in four different personalities, it can be really fun to figure out who sings what, and what corresponds to personalities.”

She said that her favorite song is ‘’Ghost,’’ a song that commemorates famous country artists who have passed, but paved the way for their music. The song was born when Young, the other fiddle player, was able to play at the Grand Ole Opry. She posted a photo on Instagram that said, “Even the ghosts were singing tonight.”

“The next day we wrote ‘Even the Ghosts’ (later christened ‘Ghosts’) and it just highlights the artists before us and our gratitude for them,” Witt said. “It’s a special song for us. Andrea sings the fire out of it, and we love playing it.”

The Country Music Television station listed the song and music video at the top of the 12Pack Countdown for five weeks, Witt said. It was in the top 3 for eight weeks.

“We love people and we love to engage our audience,” Witt said. “If people come and spend the night we want them taking a piece of us home. Better than that, an experience. Maybe there will be something that really moves them and it’s something they can take home and share with their friends and family.”

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