The Junior League of Lufkin’s Little Black Dress initiative kicks off Monday.

The initiative is designed to spread awareness about how prevalent poverty is in Angelina County and to empower people to reach out for help.

A black dress is to be worn for five consecutive days by participants to represent people living in poverty in the county.

“The poverty level for a household of four is an annual income of $25,750,” a press release from the organization said. “According to a 2018 United Way report about financial hardship in Texas, approximately 20% of families in Angelina County live in poverty. Another 30% live above the poverty line but below the basic cost of living.”

This year they will highlight the different organizations countywide that provide resources to those in need, in case people are not aware that they exist, Monica Peters-Clark, a representative of JLL, said.

“We wanted a way to talk about how poverty doesn’t end after this week,” she said. “We wanted to use the campaign this year to spread information to those living in those circumstances.”

Every day they will highlight projects, human or church services, workforce and economic development resources and educational resources. These types of efforts often take for granted that someone knows all the resources out there, but the JLL doesn’t want to fall into that mindset, Clark said.

“This way with the campaign we are not only affecting that week,” Clark said. “We’re going to disseminate information to residents of all the available services that they may not be aware of.”

Those who want to support the initiative should wear the same black dress for five consecutive days, donate at and share the JLL’s Facebook posts during the week to encourage people to donate.

All donations will help the JLL with other events they do throughout the year to help Angelina County residents.

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