Campers at St. Patrick Catholic School’s Fun Camp took advantage of a rain-free Thursday afternoon yesterday with bikes and chalk.

One camper used her imagination to combine chalk and bubbles on the sidewalk.

“Look at this! I’m making something so pretty for all the school to see,” 4-year-old Samantha Moler said.

Israel Gonzales, 5, said water day was his favorite part of Fun Camp.

“We play with water guns and jump down the slide and stuff,” he said.

Six-year-old Ryan Doyle’s favorite was bike day.

“I like running and riding bikes and playing,” he said.

Four-year-old Harvey Helm agreed with him. Harvey recently got his first bike themed after his favorite TV show, “Paw Patrol.”

“When I get hot, I want to ride on it every day,” he said.

Harvey said he loves riding his bike through toys like an obstacle course.

For 5-year-old Ashlyn Cooper, Fun Camp is just awesome in general.

“We wake up and eat breakfast and learn at camp, and then we ride our bikes,” she said.

Camp leader and P.E. teacher Traci Helm said the school wants to provide a safe environment for kids to play and have fun during summer hours at Fun Camp. Since the camp is open to the public, other students have a chance to experience the campus.

“I love to see the kids playing outside instead of playing video games and being stuck on YouTube,” she said. “Water days and bike days are the only days I work, but the kids seem like they’re having such a great time.”

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