BURKE — Burke’s own Uba Lee “Tuey” Davis turned 105 on Saturday and celebrated her Houston Astros-themed birthday party with family, friends and caretakers at her lifelong church, Burke United Methodist.

Davis was born Aug.10, 1914, in Burke and has lived there for most of her life, moving away for just a few years to several places in the United States while her husband worked to build refineries. Following her husband’s heart attack at age 46, Mrs. Davis took the role of bringing in the money upon herself. She began her job at the Southern Pine Lumber Company in Diboll and remained there for 23 years until her retirement in 1979.

Davis is described as a hard-worker and a lover of “dark chocolate, Dr Pepper and her daily devotional” by her great-niece and main care provider, Sherry Tutt.

“I think she was ninety when she drove to Louisiana for a crawfish boil on her birthday,” Tutt mentioned.

Above all, it was evident at her party that Davis is an avid Houston Astros fan. She knows all of the stats and never misses a game if she can help it.

Tutt said that “you do not go to her house during a ball game unless you want to sit quietly and watch the Astros.”

Her pastor, Mike Waters, noticed that the Astros are on her television almost every time he takes her communion.

“What amazes me is that at 105, she knows stats, she knows when they play, she knows the lineup,” Waters said.

Waters also happened to have a connection with the Astros, which he utilized to make Davis’ 105th birthday extra special: He had the Houston Astros send her quite a few birthday birthday gifts, which included Alex Bregman’s bobblehead and a baseball signed by Jose Altuve.

In addition to her gifts from the Astros, her friends came together to officially proclaim Aug. 10 as “Tuey Davis Day” in the town of Burke. She was presented with a plaque that was signed by the mayor, John Thomas Jones, who also was in attendance at the party.

Davis herself seemed to enjoy every second of her milestone birthday party. When asked about her plans for the rest of her day, she said, “I’m going home, getting my pajamas on, relaxing, and when the ball game comes on I’m going to be watching it.”

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