Patients were shocked at the beginning of this week when they said they were turned away from Dr. Pablo Splenser’s office at Cathcart Medical Center in Lufkin.

“I just found out my doctor, doctor Splenser is gone from his clinic,” Barbara Young-Widner said in a Facebook message to The Lufkin Daily News on Monday.

“No phone call, no letter, just Facebook gossip. I had an appointment on the 20th. Where did my doctor go? It’s almost impossible to find a doctor in Lufkin.”

Shirley Ann Layton also reached out via Facebook with the same concerns.

“All of Doctor Splenser’s patients are left stranded with no doctor and no records and no notice,” she said. “Just showing up for appointments and turned away.”

A representative from Cathcart Medical Center on Wednesday said nobody had been turned away from their office and that Splenser would be at the center today and for the next 60 days.

Layton said she was told the same thing on Wednesday.

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