Former Lufkinite Jessie Jason Bosquez was injured during the Dallas crane collapse earlier this week and remains in critical condition, Ragan Speer, an attorney representing Bosquez said.

“He’s still in the (Intensive Care Unit) and is in a lot of pain,” she said. “They’re still trying to control his pain. A group from physical therapy tried to do an evaluation but he’s not ready right now.”

Numerous individuals were injured during the crash and the flood of litigation has begun by those who were involved or their family members, a Tuesday story by NBC Dallas Fort Worth Channel 5 said. Speer said litigation is a possibility but they are waiting for the approval from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration to allow them to begin investigating the incident, she said.

“Hopefully (we’ll get approval) over the weekend or early next week,” Speer said. “As soon as we get in and do an investigation, litigation will be a possibility.”

Bosquez and his wife, Yesenia, moved to the complex only weeks before the accident, USA Today reported. Bosquez is a U.S. Marine who served on active duty for more than 15 years.

Yesenia Bosquez left for a shopping trip to Target with her son and when she returned the crane had collapsed, Speer said.

“There is a village of people helping,” Speer said. “Between Yesenia’s son — an eight-year-old boy — two animals, their puppy is named Joey and is being fostered and the kitten is with family friends. I don’t think Yesenia has left his side.”

It took over 30 minutes to extricate him from the building, and Bosquez told Speer to make sure people know how grateful he was for the first responders. He said they were exceptional in the care they offered and how hard they worked to save him.

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