Readers of all ages turned in their hours and said goodbye to Kurth Memorial Library’s summer reading program Friday during the End Bash

The readers had June and July to read as many hours as they could to receive prizes. They also could attend free family-friendly events throughout the week.

Shelbi Cox brought her 7-year-old son Matthew, her 6-year-old daughter Sarah and her 2-year-old daughter Hannah to the End Bash.

“I brought them to the storytimes when they were younger, and we did the reading program last year,” Shelbi said. “The kids just really love the events, and there’s so many kids now who don’t like to read. I love to read, and really want them to love to read. I figured if you start them young, and the library here has such a great program.”

Matthew said his favorite part of the reading program was the dinosaur exhibit.

“I like the dinosaurs exhibits,” Matthew said. “I like all of it because I love dinosaurs. There’s even the mystery dinosaurs. There’s even dinosaurs that are still not discovered.”

Matthew’s favorite dinosaur was the triceratops because it can protect itself against carnivores.

Sarah said she liked the slime show because other kids got slime poured on their heads and because she got to see Matthew get a pie in the face.

Jessica Smith brought out her 8-year-old daughter McKenzie and her 6-year-old son Jackson. McKenzie said the slime show because she got to be a mummy in one of the games. Jackson said the reptile show was his favorite event.

McKenzie read mostly Dr. Suess books because “they rhyme and they’re very fun.” Jackson read mostly dinosaur books because he loves dinosaurs.

“The (fossil exhibit) was awesome, but the megalodon mouth was my favorite because it was so big and awesome,” Jackson said.

Twelve-year-old Malaia Reed and her sisters, 6-year-old Aviah and 10-year-old Kieren, participated in the summer reading program for the love of reading.

“I love reading itself,” Malaia said. “I love reading. Reading is fun for me. There were some days I read so much my mom had to pull me out of bed.”

“I read by myself, too,” Aviah said proudly.

“Well, sometimes; Mom has to help,” Kieren said.

The Nancy Drew mystery novels were Malaia’s favorite this summer. Kieren focused on the Animal Ark series. The girls received several prizes for their logged hours like a colored pencil drawing kit, a gel pen kit, a portable charger, a slinky, a water bottle and more.

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