Food trucks from across East Texas will make their way to Lufkin for the inaugural First StrEAT Feast from 4-8 p.m. Saturday.

“First StrEAT Feast was actually an idea that came about through meeting with our downtown merchants,” Taylor Commiato, the Lufkin Convention and Visitors Bureau director, said. “They wanted to invite local food trucks downtown once a month to set-up and to help drive traffic to the downtown area.”

Recently, the Main Street Market Days event that was monthly was reduced to a quarterly event, Commiato said, but this opened the time up for the feast to take off. She said to expect the trucks to serve all types of food, including barbecue, pizza, grilled cheese and street tacos.

“We are excited to give the community another reason to venture downtown — it’s a one-stop shop to enjoy your favorite food trucks and have a variety to choose from,” Commiato said.

During the summer months, the event will take place during the evening, hopefully to avoid the hottest parts of the day. During the fall and spring months it will be during the day, Commiato said.

“We hope that the community takes time to join us for this monthly event, because without the community’s support, events like this cannot be successful,” she said. “We are always trying to come up with new, fun ideas for our Lufkin patrons to enjoy, so our hope is that we have a great turnout and we can continue to have a great turnout each month.”

The trucks should take cash or cards, Commiato said. And there will be seating on First Street so people can sit to enjoy their meal.

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