HUDSON — Peavy Primary School kindergartners got a chance to spend an evening of fun with their dads on Thursday at Bucks, Ducks and Dads.

“We want to get dads involved in school,” counselor Callie Brown said. “This is a lot of our kids’ first year in public school, and we want their dads to want to come, to feel comfortable at Peavy.”

Many times moms are the ones who typically show up to meet the teacher and at other events, so they wanted to make an extra special effort to invite dads and other male role models to the school, Brown said.

Dads and kids enjoyed a pizza dinner complete with chips and sodas, and then it was off to the games. Together, they competed in games like bean bag toss and the duck races.

Five-year-old Lexi Shoemaker said the duck race was the best part of her night with her dad, Dustin Shoemaker.

“The duck race was awesome. I was first going back,” Lexi said proudly.

Lexi said it felt great to be with her dad. Shoemaker said nights like these help build their relationship.

“I like to help support the school and be involved with a little bit of everything,” Shoemaker said. “She’s got a little sister, so this kind of helps isolate her time.”

Six-year-old Jorge Izaguirre Jr. and his father, Jorge Izaguirre, came out together. Jorge said it was great to be there with his dad, and his favorite game was the bean bag toss. Izaguirre said he remembers moments like these with his father and his daughter, who he attended this event with several years ago.

“I’m happy to spend some time with him today and have some fun,” Izaguirre said. “I’m usually busy working, so it’s nice to be here.”

Five-year-old Kalysa Juarez and her dad, Jesse Juarez, came out together. Kalysa said she was super excited about the prizes that were being given out.

“They said we could get prizes if we hear our named get called,” Kalysa said. “Look, there’s so many prizes up there!”

Juarez said he was excited to be there with Kalysa because he wasn’t able to attend with his other daughter last year because of work.

Several high school students from the National Honor Society volunteered their time to serve at Bucks, Ducks and Dads. Giving back to the community is important to NHS member senior Terrence Harris.

“It’s nice to see that we’re doing something that brings them joy,” Terrence said. “I haven’t always been able to see good role models in the community. When I was younger, I don’t remember having somebody like that who I could look up to. I had to make my own way. It feels nice to be that to someone.”

Senior Alayna Daniel said she remembers attending Bucks, Ducks and Dads when she went to Peavy Primary.

“It feels awesome to volunteer here,” Alayna said. “I know that NHS helps everybody, and helping the kids that will eventually get into NHS is awesome. I love to impact these kids’ lives and make their day better.”

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