Lufkin police arrested a man on multiple charges Tuesday, including allegations he had shown pornography and inappropriately touched two girls.

Brandon Dwayne Strong, 37, faces two counts of indecency with a child-sexual contact, two counts of displaying harmful material to a minor, injury to a child and interfering with an emergency call. As of late Wednesday, he remained in the Angelina County Jail with no bond set for his charges.

Officers were dispatched to a disturbance Aug. 4, the affidavits for Strong’s charges state. As officers worked to investigate the complaints raised in the disturbance, two girls came forth and indicated Strong had touched them inappropriately.

The first girl said he had done so about two weeks prior to the disturbance, and the other said it occurred about a year earlier. Additionally, both girls said Strong had made them watch pornography.

Later, the girl’s mother told investigators Strong had slapped one of her daughters in the face. She confronted him on this incident, to which she said he became upset and violent. In response, she said she tried to call 911 but Strong took her cellphone and threw it against a wall.

The mother attempted to have her daughters call 911, but Strong took those, as well. As he handled the girls’ phones, the mother got her phone back and managed to call the police before leaving the area with her children.

Both girls received forensic interviews at Harold’s House, where they corroborated their mother’s statements to investigators.

The older girl said Strong threatened to cut her up in little pieces if she told anyone he had shown her pornography, which he insisted was for the purpose of education, she told investigators. He also threatened to cut both girls’ legs off the day of the disturbance, she said. Additionally, she noted Strong touched her inappropriately numerous times.

The younger girl detailed two incidents in which Strong allegedly touched her inappropriately, and also said Strong showed her pornography and talked about sex to her.

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