Students in the Lufkin school district who have been diagnosed with dyslexia had the chance to showcase their artwork Sunday at the Museum of East Texas.

The Dyslexia Art Showcase was titled ‘‘The Gift of Creativity,’’ gave those students who may struggle in the classroom a place to shine.

“Our children have lots of trouble with reading and printed word, and usually the creative side of their brain is the side where they excel,’’ program coordinator Alys Ray said. ‘‘We wanted to give them a chance to show what they excel at.’’

Ray said she was encouraged to see the support that the students who submitted artwork had.

“I am so excited to see this many parents,’’ she said. ‘‘We have had a very big crowd, and they’re all excited about their children having the opportunity to show their creativity through art.”

The art varied from paintings and drawings, to jewelry, sculptures and graphic design. The artists ranged from elementary students all the way up to high school.

Stephanie Dixon, the dyslexia therapist at Brookhollow Elementary School, came up with the idea for the art showcase.

She said she wanted to give the children that chance to shine, and even provided materials and stayed after school to help students finish their artwork.

Denise Davis, a Lufkin High art teacher and the fine arts department chair for the district, said the event was important.

“It’s really special to me,’’ she said. ‘‘I’m an undiagnosed dyslexic and my daughter is dyslexic, she has a piece in the show. I know how much it means to the kids to be validated, to have the opportunity to be able to show their work and to have it in an institution like this.”

J.P. McDonald, executive director of the Museum of East Texas, said the show was ‘‘wonderful.’’

“This is part of our mission. We are honored and privileged to be able to focus on all children.”

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