HUNTINGTON — Huntington High School will host a community performance of “The Grinch” at 7 tonight in the auditorium.

The school has hosted a version of “The Grinch” for six years, but each year they add something different to make it more personal for the current actors, director Jennifer Mills said.

“This is a performance Mrs. Mills gives us, and we can take it and run with it,” senior Julian Martinez said. “We have a free space for ideas, and we can put our own personalities in it.”

Julian said he feels like they added a lot of humor that fits their generation this year.

“Each year, there’s always something new added, and you want to make something new pop,” sophomore Colyer Martin said.

Colyer plays the mayor of Whoville, and he said he has created a character with an exaggerated sense of his own personality.

“I’ve kind of made a kid mayor,” he said. “I’m kind of short stature, and I act like a kid. Several times on stage, I have temper tantrums, and I get really frustrated.”

From the Christmas-decoration-filled set to the elaborate costumes, the auditorium transforms into the world of Whoville for this production.

Senior Schuyler Williams, who plays Cindy Lou Who, said the best part of the performance each year is the hair. Schuyler creates two loops of braids on the underside of her head and then brushes the rest of her hair over a cup, creating a tall cylinder secured with a band and accented with a giant red bow.

“I’ve done a style like this every year; it’s tradition,” Schuyler said. “It’s really not as hard as you think it is.”

The cast said the one thing they love most about performing together is how the theater feels like a family.

“It’s the feeling of joy,” freshman Staci Johnson said. “You can feel when the cast comes together.”

Senior Allie Endsley has played a different role each year for “The Grinch.” This year, she plays Cindy Lou Who’s mother, and she said she has taken up a rather motherly role on and off stage.

“I buy a bunch of stuff for my prop house, so I’ve been momming it up,” Allie said.

As to what excites them most about their performance, the majority said going to IHOP together after the show.

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